Database of Intellectual Property Policies from Universities and Research Institutions

Russian Federation

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Country / TerritoryLanguageName of institution
Russian FederationRussianМосковский Государственный Технологический Университет «Станкин» (Moscow State Technological University “Stankin”)
Russian FederationRussianВоронежский государственный университет инженерных технологий (Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology)
Russian FederationRussianАнгарский Государственный Технический Университет (The Angarsk State Technical Academy)
Russian FederationRussianМарийский государственный университет (Mari State University)
Russian FederationRussianНациональный исследовательский университет "МИСиС" (National Research Technological University (NUST))
Russian FederationRussianСыктывкарский Государственный Университет (Syktyvkar State University)
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianHigher School of Economics National Research University
Russian FederationRussianKatanov Khakass State University
Russian FederationRussianMoscow State University
Russian FederationRussianMoscow State University Of Civil Engineering
Russian FederationRussianNorth-Caucasus Federal University
Russian FederationRussianOgraev Mordovia State University
Russian FederationRussianPenza State University
Russian FederationRussianPerm State University
Russian FederationRussianPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianPolicy in the field of IP for universities and research organizations
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianSkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianSouth-Russian State Technical University (NPI) of the M.I. Platov
Russian FederationRussianSt. Petersburg State University
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianThe Bryansk State Technical University
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianThe Irkutsk State University
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianThe Kazan State Power Engineering University
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianThe Kemerovo State University
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianThe North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianThe Tambov State University
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianThe Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics
Russian FederationRussianThe Vladimir State University
Russian FederationRussianTogliatti State University
Russian FederationRussianTver State University
Russian FederationRussianUdmurt State University
Russian FederationEnglish, RussianUfa State Aviation Technical University
Russian FederationRussianUral Federal University (Ekaterinburg)