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When filing your international application, you must list the goods and services to be covered by your trademark, designate the countries or regions in which you seek protection, and pay the required fees. The Madrid System offers e-services designed to help you fulfill each of these requirements.

  • International Application form (MM2) PDF, International Application form

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Available WIPO tools and e-services

Madrid Goods & Services Manager

Compile and verify the list of goods and services to be covered by your international trademark registration. Select from thousands of terms to build your list according to the latest edition and version of the International Classification of Goods and Services (Nice Classification).

Features + benefits

  • Check acceptability of terms by WIPO and participating trademark offices
  • Choose from over 61,000 English descriptions
  • Build your list with guidance from the Nice Classification’s alphabetical list, class headings, and explanatory notes
  • Import and export your list in text format for use in your national or international application

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Member Profiles Database

Learn about the laws and practices of trademark offices of Madrid System members to ensure your application complies with trademark registration requirements in your target markets.

Features + benefits

  • Locate contact details for the trademark offices of Madrid System members
  • Understand the rules and procedures for filing your international trademark application through your Office of origin
  • Determine which types of trademarks can be protected in your target markets
  • Learn about rules and examination procedures in effect in each of your target markets, including time limits to respond to a refusal or opposition, to request a review, or to file an appeal

Quick Start Guide PDF, Member profiles database, quick start guide

Fee calculator

Estimate the fees for an international application.

Features + benefits

More on Madrid System fees


International Application Simulator

Use this step-by-step simulation to find out if you are eligible to use the Madrid System, check whether you can seek protection in your target markets and estimate your application costs.

How to file

Before you file an international application, you must have registered or applied for protection in your home trademark office (your “Office of origin”). This home registration or application (known as the “basic mark”) will be the basis of your international application under the Madrid System.

Overview of the international trademark registration process

Find out about the key stages and the role played by you, WIPO, your Office of origin, and the trademark offices in your target markets.

Eligibility to use the Madrid System

Learn more about who can file through the Madrid System and the meaning of "basic mark".

Completing your international application form (Form MM2)

Find out what information you must provide and access details on how to complete your application form.

  • International Application form (MM2) PDF, International Application form

Application fees

Understand the different types of fees payable and access information on fee amounts, where to submit your fees, and the payment methods available to you.

More information is available in the guide to filing an international application


Filing tips and resources

Filing statistics

Who filed the most Madrid trademark applications in 2018?

Find out the top ranking Madrid System applicants, classes, and countries.