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NoNotification TitleTreatyNotification Date
No 221Accession by the Republic of Malawi (Protocol)Madrid ProtocolSeptember 25, 2018
No 31Accession by the Republic of MalawiMarrakesh VIP TreatyJuly 14, 2017
No 1SignatoriesPatent Law TreatyJune 1, 2001
No 35Accession by the Republic of MalawiLocarno AgreementJuly 24, 1995
No 83Accession by the Republic of MalawiNice AgreementJuly 24, 1995
No 41Accession by the Republic of MalawiStrasbourg AgreementJuly 24, 1995
No 136Accession by the Republic of MalawiBerne ConventionJuly 12, 1991
No 17Applicability of Chapter IIPatent Cooperation TreatyJanuary 6, 1978
No 14Entry Into ForcePatent Cooperation TreatyOctober 31, 1977
No 4Accession of the Republic of MalawiPatent Cooperation TreatyMay 25, 1972
No 19Accession of the Republic of Malawi to the ConventionWIPO ConventionMarch 25, 1970
No 17Accession of the Republic of Malawi to the Stockholm ActParis ConventionMarch 25, 1970