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WIPO Translate is market-leading translation software for specialized text. Once trained in a specific subject area, it has been shown to out-perform both paid and free translation tools.

The software was originally created and deployed by WIPO to help translate patent documents, but it can be customized for any subject matter. We provide it to organisations worldwide.

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Why use WIPO Translate?


Once trained in a specific domain (e.g. patents), the software has been shown to outperform other better-known solutions (including paid options) on the market.


The software uses the latest neural machine translation technology, which is more accurate than statistical machine translation. Find out more...


WIPO Translate can be set up on your systems and requires no interactions with third-party servers.

About WIPO Translate

What do I need to use it?

  • A large collection of domain-specific documents in the relevant language pair (at least 2000 documents containing 500,000 sentences).
  • A GPU-based server infrastructure if you wish to run the software independently. If not, cloud-based infrastructure will work.

Which languages does it work with?

WIPO Translate can be trained to work with any language pair.

Within the PATENTSCOPE database, we currently offer nine language pairs using neural machine translation (limit of 2000 characters per translation request).

How can I get it for my organization?

WIPO Translate is available via standard licensing agreements and WIPO's team of experts can even help you to install and set up the software.

Send us a mail to find out more.


Our user guide gives you a quick walkthrough of how to use our WIPO Translate-powered translation tool in our patent database, PATENTSCOPE.

Who uses WIPO Translate?

WIPO Translate currently powers translation within WIPO's PATENTSCOPE database, producing translations of patent documents with an unprecedented level of accuracy. It is also used by other international organizations.

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